Welcome, on this and the following pages you will see all the things we do, and that we are dedicated to your success, and thoroughly capable of handling your next project, but firstly we would like to convey why we build.

We will not compromise in our beliefs, and we act every day, in every situation with these values in mind.

Integrity is the soul of our company.  We are honest in our communications, behaviors and actions, in every possible situation.  We will do what we say and say what we mean. We work very hard to earn each client’s trust. We do that first and foremost by listening to their needs. Then we provide innovative solutions, costs, and quality variables and, when fully informed, we find our clients are comfortable and make very timely and effective decisions.

Quality is never to be compromised.

We believe the optimum environment is one where all parties see each other as complimenting equals working together to bring owners the absolute best value they can buy. Every one of our employees are doing something we’ve chosen to do, we all truly enjoy building things – building projects, building relationships and building the future.  This passion comes through in everything that we do and is an integral part of our commitment to serve you.

Nothing is more important than safety.

Safety is a value, not a priority that changes with time. We have high standards and expect our clients, and subcontractors to share this important value.

Safety coincides with production and quality and is an integral part of our business.

From the estimate forward safety is built into our projects.

At Terratech, we are respectful of the prospect to build your project for you.  We are keenly aware that it is the customer’s money and plans for their future that are at stake here. .We must listen to your ideas, be organized and efficient with your time and money and understand that this is not just a business transaction, but a project that will affect the future of both of our companies.  We are respectful of the opportunity we have been given, and it does not matter whether that opportunity was given through the competitive bid process or a negotiated price, because either way, it was given, therefore we treat it as such.

Our success tomorrow depends upon our clients’ successes today.

Here it is in their own words:

Northern Strands

Northern Strands